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WATCH 'FAME KILLS' MUSIC VIDEO: www.youtube.com/watch?v=aegcTvy0n80

Fame Kills is originally from the Dangerous Muse "RED" EP, available now on iTunes. This special version of the song was produced and mixed for the music video by David Sisko, featuring additional vocals by Sandflower and guitar by Ray Suhy. I remember writing the song at a time when I was feeling trapped by popular conventions. I wanted to experiment with a longer form, to tell a story (the full version is 7 minutes). I drank a bottle of red wine in my apartment on the Upper East Side and let my stream of consciousness go without judgement. My previous mantra for writing songs had been to expand an instant feeling into a three-to-four minute expression. But Fame Kills plays with time differently; It’s story spans several years in minutes—a kind of counterpoint to what has come before.


Reaching out
The only way we know how
Locked in desperation
Squeezing a way out
You left me here
Picking nuts and berries
While you went hunting
On our big spaceship
I can’t wait anymore
I have to come and find you
I just hope I get to you in time ...

Before the tide turns
Before the stars are blind
Before the sun and the explosion
Before the FAME KILLS

Behind snowflake eyes
I kissed you for the first time
Like fish in disguise
So as to keep alive
Someday she’ll know
Floating in space about to explode
Fame will tear us apart
I press my lips against my arm


Feel me
Feel me
Feel me

I graze your hair
But you don’t feel me
The sound is not enough
You don’t hear me
Are you too embarrassed to
Recognize the tired man
Who traveled through space and time?
I came all this way for the snowflake eyes
Turn your head
Turn your head and greet me …


Before the fame turns
Before the stars in cement
Before the fame explosion
Before the FAME KILLS
Before the FAME KILLS
Before the FAME KILLS
Before the FAME KILLS


released July 22, 2014
Song written by Mike Furey and Tom Napack. Performed by Dangerous Muse. Produced by Dangerous Muse with additional production by David Sisko. Additional vocals by Sandflower. Guitar by Ray Suhy.



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Dangerous Muse New York, New York

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